Ultra Scale Master Pro
Ultra Scale Master Pro
The Ultra Scale Master® Pro is an affordable and portable area takeoff and digitizing system for
residential and light construction contractors.
Take full advantage of your Ultra Scale Master® Pro digitizing capabilities by using 
Smart Takeoff - an optional affordable and simple-to-use graphic digitizing program.
When combined with the speed and accuracy of the Ultra Scale Master® Pro digitizing tool,
this system is invaluable as part of any construction cost estimating system.
Smart Takeoff provides graphic representation of the digitized coordinates for the Ultra Scale Master®
Pro, and verifies quantities while minimizing, or even eliminating, errors of omission and miscalculation.
Use Smart Takeoff to determine quantities of area, perimeter, length, and vertical surface area for compiling
construction cost estimates. Smart Takeoff™ transfers digitized quantities to virtually any Windows®
based program including spreadsheets (spreadsheet program not included), and also allows you to export 
the graphic image in DXF format for use in other programs.
The Ultra Scale Master® Pro can also operate as a stand alone digital area takeoff tool, or you can connect it
to your PC to transfer measurements into any  estimating and spreadsheet program that accepts text input from
a number pad or keyboard.
The ergonomic design with large targeting window allows you to accurately measure and compute areas,
segment lengths,  perimeters, and volumes for simple or complex polygons, polylines, irregular shapes,
arcs and circles.
72  built-in architectural and engineering scales allow you to measure plans and drawing up to 24" x 36" in size.
Four custom scales allow you to measure out of scale drawings.
USB Plug-and-Play interface
Works with any scale
Digitizes areas, perimeters and lengths.
Two- and three-dimensional perspective graphic display of digitized images
Transfers digitized quantities into any Windows® program, including spreadsheets!
Draws in any colour available in the Windows® palette
Exports graphic image to DXF (Drawing Exchange Format) files
Measures unknown scales on reduced or enlarged drawings
Supports both imperial and metric units
Measuring Shapes
Simple or Complex Polygons
Measure all polygon points and automatically find area, line lengths, perimeter and volume. Rooms,
walls concrete pads, parking lots, floor coverings, and small site excavations.
Measure two or more points and automatically get segment length, total length and wall area.
Walls, foundations, piping, electrical, and other linear measurements.
Irregular Shapes
Measure all points on the curved shape and automatically find area, perimeter and volume.
Pools, planting beds, curbing, and water proofing.
Measuring the starting point, high point and finishing point of the arc and automatically get area,
perimeter, arc length, volume, and wall area.. Arched windows and doorways
Select any three point on the circle and automatically get area, perimeter, volume, radius
and diameter. Columns and roundabouts.
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