Functions and features
The Tri-Wave frequency generator can generate frequencies from 0.1 Hz up to 200 KHz.
It comes with almost 1100 pre-programmed treatments.
You can add your own personal treatments by entering it on the machine's keypad.
It has a "Group" function where you can group treatments together.
You also have the option to put on Pulse, Dwelling and change between AC or DC.
The treatment can also be repeated by selecting the Repeat option before each
Treatment or "Group" is started.
The Tri-Wave can generate three different wave types, which you can choose from:
Square Wave, Sine Wave and Triangle Wave.
You can set the intensity by simply pressing a button.
The Tri-Wave has a Graphic display and the intensity indicators
are shown on the display.
While the treatment is running you will see the treatment name, treatment
remaining time and the remaining time of the current frequency that is running.
It has a one year Limited Warranty.
Included in the kit
Tri-Wave frequency generator
18V AC/DC Adaptor
2 x Hand probes
2 x Foot plates
2 x Cables
Tri-Wave padded carry bag
Manual and Information booklets


This material is being offered as theoretical research and is experimental information only.
No guarantees are offered or implied as to their safety or efficiency in any or all cases.

The reader must make his/her own informed decisions concerning his/her health.
We recommend that the reader/user always enlist the services of a doctor or "qualified
health practitioner" who practices alternative and complimentary medicine.

We do not claim or imply that any of these frequencies or any equipment that produces
these frequencies will treat, cure or otherwise affect the outcome of any disease or condition
even if the compilers of the lists made such claims or implications. Nor are we intending to
practice medicine or lead anyone away from seeking medical advice from a doctor.

Use this Device carefully as extended use on sensitive skin may result in a localized rash.
Using on palms of the hand or under the soles of the feet is the suggested method to
avoid skin rash. If you need to do localized treatment on sensitive areas, such as the
stomach, neck etc., continue to re-locate the stainless steel pad/probe every few minutes
to prevent skin rash.

Users who may be susceptible to seizure disorders should approach the use of frequencies below
about 60 Hz with caution. It has been advised by all Medical Practitioners, that pregnant women,
or people using pace makers should not use Electro-Therapy Devices.

Please note that Tilt-Tech cc is only the manufacturer and supplier of the Tri-Wave machine,
and will therefore offer no medical advice whatsoever.
Tilt-Tech will not be accountable for any consequences as a result of use of the Tri-Wave machine.
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