Smart Tool
600mm Smarttool
Measure all angles in a 360 degrees range.
Take abuse other levels can't because its components are made of high strength materials, and you can
recalibrate it to factory accuracy with the touch of a button.
Simple to use. Just press the On/Off button, and SmartTool will show you the angle of any surface with
decimal-point accuracy. The display even flips over with the level, so SmartTool always reads "right side
up". It shuts off automatically after 5 minutes when it's not being used.
Permits you to find level and plumb in two ways. For quick references, use the sensitive bubble vials. For
precise work, use the digital display, which provides accuracy to 0.1 degree.
Allows you to measure angles three different ways: Degrees, Percentage Slope and Inches/foot.
Designed to be job site tough. The box frame is extruded from high strength aluminium. The two
bubble vials are machined from solid acrylic blocks. The sensor module is encased in a high impact
resistant ABS polymer case.
Has a listen & level audio feature. A beeper sounds when SmartTool is level and/or plumb.
Available in a 60cm, and 120cm length.
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