Typical Questions And Answers
How long do you have to charge the battery?
If the battery is run down completely, it will need a charge of about 14 hours.
Please note that the unit MUST BE OFF during charging.
Can the data be transfered while the antenna is still plugged in?
Yes, but it is better to unplug the antenna as any data received/logged after the flight,
might cause clutter on the screen or errors in the results.
Can one fly a practice and view it without defining the course?
Yes - you can fly, then transfer the data and then define the course for it.
How can one mark photo positions in training flights?
The pilot setting the training flight can take an Air Observer with him and press
the "EVENT" button on the unit where he takes the photos. After transfer the marked points
will show as brown. By clicking next to it with the mouse, the position will be shown on the left
hand bottom. This position can then be typed into the course file. Make the timing line width
zero, and this position will show up as a triangle.
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