MSI Inclinometers
AccuStar Electronic Inclinometer
Typical Applications:
Wheel alignment. Oil well pump control.
Land navigation and auto security. Machine tools and heavy machinery.
Construction equipment. Manlifts and cranes.
Motor homes and RVs. Farm and lawn equipment.
Exercise equipment. Antenna positioning.
The AccuStar® inclinometer offers high performance, low cost, and versatile design capabilities.
CE certified.
Resolution of 0.001° and a ±60° range.
Rugged, high impact package just 2" in diameter.
Easily integrated into a wide variety of applications.
Choice of analog, ratiometric, digital pulse width, or serial output.
Download Accustar PDF File (115K)
Dual Axis Electronic Inclinometers
Dual AccuStar
This revolutionary angle measurement sensor combines the function of two inclinometers in one package.
AccuStar DAS20® provides output signals directly proportional to the relative tilt of two axes at right angles to each other.
Pin selectable analog or digital output.
Comparably priced, but with capabilities far superior to mercury switches or other low cost level sensors.
Download Accustar DAS-20 PDF File (45K)
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