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Air Observer 64
Here you can download the latest Program Installation file (55.1Mb), AirObserverV2.51 dated May 2014. Save this file in a separate folder and install using setup.exe
Please note that there are two files. One for 64 bit computers and one for 32 bit computers.

Click HERE to download the 64 bit Installation Zip File
Click HERE to download the 32 bit Installation Zip File

USB Driver Install Instructions

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Air Observer 64 Manual
The Latest manual for Air Observer 64 is now ready. Below is the link to the NEW manual, dated March 2011.
Click HERE to download

Here you can download the latest GAC verification file, "VALIOBS.EXE" This is the file that will verify that the official *.GAC file has not been changed by someone. Please note that it uses the DOS name for long filenames. Example ALEXAN~1.GAC. So if you want to check a file with the name ALEXANDER GREEN ROUTE.GAC you should type in "VALIOBS ALEXAN~1.GAC" and press enter.
Click HERE to download

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