Air Observer GPS Logging System
Developed for Air Rally and Precision Flying
Conforms to: FAI (GAC)Rules and Regulations.
GAC and CIMA approved.
Mini Air Observer Micro Air Observer
Mini Logger Micro Logger
GPS Clock - No more faulty Stopwatches!
GPS Clock GPS Clock
Air Observers now used in the following countries:
Australia Chile Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark France
Germany Israel New Zeeland Norway Poland Portugal
Russia South Africa Spain Sweden United Kingdom USA
Result file shows time over line to one millisecond (0.001 sec.). On screen result shows time to 0.1 second.
Higher download speed. Smaller size and less weight.
Increased battery capacity Markers like photos can be added to course files.
Cable stowage added to back of unit. Download Progress Indicator added to software.
Up to 5 tracks can be appended in different colours Animation to replay track flown
Exports Fugawi, OziExplore, Flitemap, Google Earth, GPX format files.
WARRANTY: 12 Months, excluding shipping costs.
The GPS/Logger unit with built-in antenna with and rechargeable battery pack.
A CD with the software and the manual on it.
Note: The software runs on a standard Windows environment (Win95, Win98,WinXP, WinNT and Vista) and is in English.
A PC interface cable and mains charger is included.
You need NOTHING extra, but a PC and an Aircraft.
System Features:
12V or 24V external power operation (with special cable). Trimble, Ace II GPS module and miniature antenna. Later 
models use UBlox
Minimum of Fifteen (15) hours recording time at one (1) second Standard Windows environment and written in English.
Easy transfer to PC & easy configuration on PC. Immediate Graphic display of competitor Track, Course, CP's 
and timing Points.
Automatic Result report generation of Time, Altitude, etc. on all  Easy export to GAC and CIMA format as per sporting codes.
Unlimited Zoom on any point of interest. Statistics like Speed, Height, Direction, Time on any point - 1 
second interval.
Speed / Altitude as well as distance off-track / Track error Unique "Stopwatch" feature showing lapsed time on route.
On screen conversion calculator for coordinates. User defined CP's, Secrets, Start Points, Finish Points, 
User defined length of time line perpendicular to Track. Intermediate Starts and Intermediate finish points.
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